Made is the USA

The Jumbo Large Print Calendar is the calendar for everybody because it is easy to write on and easy to see.  We make two different Jumbo Large Print Calendars; a Wall Calendar and a Notebook Calendar.  The Large Print Calendar has been helping people keep organized since 2007.

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Local Resources in All States

The Learn About Low Vision Local Resources provides a list of State Resources which will give you all the information, about all of the local resources in your State.


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Technology Independent

Vision Helpers® were developed for Smart Eyewear.  They also work on all LCD screens used by Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Lincoln, Tesla and other companies.


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Nebraska Low Vision and Blindness

Nebraska Low Vision comes directly to a person's home or office to provide free demos of products which can help a person remain independent. These demos allow you a chance to try it, before you buy it. If you like a product that we show you than we will have a new product to sell you right there. Nebraska Low Vision advertises as your life-time dealer, that provides life-time support, because that is exactly what Nebraska Low vision guarantees you.

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Empathy Reality Training Videos

Live Life by Having Presence to Learn About Other People

VR - Virtual Reality - is becoming one of the top technologies used to teach people about health, social issues and ourselves.   It allows us to experience what another person is doing and how they feel, which helps us to have empathy.

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Iowa Low Vision and Blindness

Iowa Low Vision has an on-line store for shopping and we provide life-time support on all the products we sell. Iowa Low Vision's service department serves the State of Iowa and Nebraska and provides in-home service providing in-warranty, and out of warranty repairs for customers. Iowa Low Vision works on most CCTV's, and other magnification devices to repair, upgrade or replace defective units as needed.

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