Accessibility dot Net, Inc. was founded by Patrick J. Fischer and is dedicated to helping persons blind and visually impaired. Accessibility dot Net also creates products and builds brands for resell.

Patrick has found several innovative companies while his first company was Share Technology founded in 1989 which volunteered to help persons with disabilities. Prior to this he worked as a technician building micro-computer, turn-key computer systems for Corporate, Engineering, and Government customers. 

In 1993 with the help of the Director of RSB - Missouri Rehabilitation Service for the Blind, Patrick created the Laptop Reader for the Blind which used a CompuAdd laptop running Microsoft DOS and Windows 3.11, along with an Artic transport hardware synthesizer and a copy of Artic Win Vision screen reader.   Pictured below:

Since 1997, Patrick's hobby is creating ideas and morphing those into a website which comes from restoring cars with his father in the early 80’s. Restoring a car, takes having the ability to look at something complete before it is done. While restoring cars takes lots of hard work and 12 months of dedication to one project, morphing a dot com from an idea into a finished product takes much less time. While Patrick has two cars in his garage, his web server hosts a couple hundred websites which are all for sale. 

Accessibility dot Net was originally called F1-Key which was incorporated in Martin City, Missouri in 1997 and held a State contract for Missouri Rehabilitation Services for the blind.  The company was an authorized distributor VAR - Value Added Re-seller for the leading manufacturers of technology which help persons who are blind and visually impaired. 

In 2014, Accessibility dot Net, Inc. took all the Blindness, Braille, and Low Vision manufacturers and merged those with NanoPac, Inc. which is America's greatest company dedicated to helping persons with disabilities. Today Patrick represents NanoPac in the States of Nebraska, Iowa and Colorado. 

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