What is NuEyes?

A visual prosthetic for the visually impaired.

Wearable technology is the future and NuEyes featuring ODG smartglasses brings the future to you in a small, compact yet powerful head worn device. NuEyes featuring ODG smartglasses, finally makes it possible for those with visual impairments to connect with loved ones and others without always having to use a big clunky machine. Our removable visual prosthetic helps the visually impaired see again while keeping their hands free.

Accessibility dot Net, Inc. is the Distributor in the Midwest working with eye doctors so they can add NuEyes to the products they offer to their patients.  We also provide NuEyes direct to anybody that can benefit from this amazing, life-changing technology.
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deserves to be talked about.
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NuEyes gives those who suffer from vision loss the ability to read, write, and maintain their independence. Whether you suffer from macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma or retinitis pigmentosa or other visual impairments, our top-of-the-line magnifiers will help you to read and write again. They will help you enjoy pictures of your loves ones, and assist you in everyday activities like reading pharmacy labels and restaurant menus.
Disclaimer:   This product does not cure, treat or prevent any disease. NuEyes is assistive technology
and is not regulated by the FDA, however our products are FCC compliant.

An ODG Technology Partner