• Vision Helpers® was created at Accessibility dot Net, Inc. in 2007.  It went on to create these separate companies listed below:
  • Its latest product was designed for the Smart Eyewear industry, and it works on all eyeglasses and all LCD screens.

History of Products Developed:

  • Patrick J. Fischer (founder - Vision Helpers®) wrote a book about Low Vision Support, and turned it into a web site which was spun off as a separate company - LowVisionSupport.com.
  • Vision Helpers® created large print products which was spun off as a separate company - LargePrintShop.com.
  • It's latest product was developed for Smart Eyewear, and LCD screens used by Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Tesla and other companies. LCD screens are everywhere, including your HoloLens, your Lincoln, your Tesla, your smartphone, your tablet, your laptop, your TV, your Amazon Echo View, or even your smartwatch - LCD screens are everywhere.
  • It is so important to keep your LCD screens spot-less free so your views look the best, and so we recommend to use Vision Helpers®.
  • Vision Helpers® are perfect for LCD screens, but they also work for Smart Eyewear where you want to have spot-less free views.
  • Vision Helpers® are technology independent and work on all Smart Eyewear and LCD devices.
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