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Local Resources in All States

The Low Vision Support State Resource Guide was written to help people with low vision and to also help those people who are trying to help someone else with low vision. 

This is a simple book which teaches you the basics that everyone should learn to best help themselves and other people. We have written one book per state so you can count on learning the basics about low vision and all of the local resources in your state.

There are 54 different Low Vision Support books (one for each state) and there is two ways to purchase them. 

You can buy them as a PDF digital download ($3.00 per download) at our website Low Vision Support. PDF files can be open and read on most devices.

The 54 different Low Vision Support books (one for each state) are also available on Amazon for Kindle readers ($2.99 per Kindle book).

Here is the table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • What Is Good Vision?
  • What Is Low Vision?
  • What Is Visual Acuity?
  • What Is Visual Field?
  • What Is Blindness?
  • Eye Doctors and Vision Professionals
  • Common Types of Visual Impairment

  • Low-Vision Aids
  • Contrast
  • Lighting
  • Tactile Markings
  • Talking Gadgets
  • Large Print
  • Over-the-Counter Magnifiers

  • Directory of State Services and Resources


Technology Independent

Vision Helpers® - Technology Independent

Vision Helpers® has been designing products since 2007 which are spun off as separate companies. Its latest product was designed for the Smart Eyewear industry, and it works on all LCD screens.

It is so important to keep your Smart Eyewear and LCD screens spot-less free so your views look the best, and so we recommend to use Vision Helpers®. 

Vision Helpers® are technology independent and work on all Smart Eyewear and LCD devices. 

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The Calendar for everybody

Accessibility dot Net is the designer and manufacturer of the large print calendar. Patrick's mom has been his  customer since the first one he made in 2007 and now she is 92. 

Patrick's mom loves the Large Print Calendar because she always knows when birthdays and special events are coming up. There is plenty of room on each day and each calendar page for notes and appointments which re-enforces a person’s activity for the current month and for the upcoming months.  

The Large Print Calendar comes in two versions; wall or desktop which is available in a 2019 or 2020 version. The Large Print Calendar is a 13 month calendar so it can be enjoyed starting in January to the following January. Both calendars are made of heavy white bond paper with bold black print and a plastic spiral making it easy to change months. There is plenty of room on each day and each calendar page for notes and appointments. It comes with National Holidays grayed out. In addition, each month lists other holidays, special events, season changes, and full moons. 

The Large Print Calendar is for everybody, because we all like to reflect on the days gone by, and to plan for the days ahead.

Two places to purchase this; 

Direct on Amazon Prime at 

Direct at Large Print Calendar at