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Remote Computer Support and Training Services

Product support and training has always been one of our top priorities, as we are keenly aware that technology is only as good as the customers ability use it to meet their daily needs. However, we are also aware that the logistics and cost of scheduling on-site support or training opportunities have at times resulted in customers choosing to postpone or even go without needed service or training.

Through the use of Web-based remote support technology, we are able to provide our customers with a secure remote connection which allows us, with the customers permission, to see their computer screen and even control their computer as needed to assist with service or training needs, without the additional time or expense required to provide those same services on-site. For our customers, this means that the days of going without needed computer service or training because of the cost for on-site services are a thing of the past.

The following is a brief explanation of our current charges for remote support and training services as well as some requirements and possible limitations. If you have questions about your specific needs and whether or not they could be met via remote support and training services, please contact us to discuss them.

Basic Remote Support/Maintenance $100.00/HR

Assisting with configuration of basic user preferences to optimize the users operating system environment for use with screen readers or other assistive technology software.
General system maintenance such as installing of operating system or security software updates,
Backing up user data onto customers existing external storage device, or one purchased from us.
Installing or updating customers licensed software applications (including assistive technology as well as other applications).

Advanced Support/Training $135.00/HR

Screen reader scripting and advanced configuration to improve access to non-standard applications.
Advanced troubleshooting of computer software problems.
Advanced training includes training on non-standard applications for which special knowledge of the product may need to be obtained by the trainer prior to or during the training process.
Additional charges for documentation or follow-up work required in cases of advanced support/training may apply.

  • Remote scripting or advanced configuration of assistive technology software may be limited depending on which versions of these products are available to the customer.
    If it is determined that the desired services cannot be successfully delivered remotely, the technician with discuss other service options with the customer.